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Unions condemn Barnett government regarding FIFO suicides

Nov 17, 2016  View More Articles

Unions and the families of FIFO workers have condemned the Government’s lack of action.

Union leaders, along with the families of FIFO workers have condemned the Barnett Government’s failure to implement the recommendations of the bi-partisan Parliamentary Inquiry into the Impact of FIFO Work Practices on Mental Health, presenting a petition calling for an urgent change to Parliament.

And this is happening while Pilbara Cities investors go bankrupt.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but the Pilbara Cities vision was announced seven years ago by the Barnett government. So are we on track?

In my view, in not calling for solutions from broader sources the government has underestimated the talent and passion available from the private sector. There are people out there with an intrinsic drive.

Pointing at the problem (or ‘challenge’ I prefer to call it) is easy. ‘Bring me the solution’ is what I tell my team.

A cooperative effort could effect change so much faster; a committed approach (i.e. policy) to have no fly-in-fly-out workforce from anywhere other than the earmarked Pilbara Cities by 2020 should do the trick – with a cohesive task-force dedicated to project management of all the work and conversations in-between.

Purposeful conversations and community interaction to plan amenity for the region, visa migration rule incentives, head lease and logistics discussions with the mining giants, assistance for investors now in severe financial hardship from buying into the Pilbara Cities vision ahead of the construction of mining projects being completed, and before the closure of mining camps that were permitted for mining project camp construction only.

Who’s going to catch the falling sword, and who’s qualified to give the advice?

A passionate, collaborative group of people in the know with the property, finance, investment banking and life experience in the Pilbara, I would suggest.

Where is this task-force?

Coming soon, we pray.

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