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Project Marketing For Presales

To achieve the presales required for optimum bank finance, it is crucial for a developer to have a project marketing campaign that:

  • Delivers the best value for the advertising budget
  • Targets the right market
  • Gets maximum exposure in the most positive and professional light
  • Utilises professional, realistic and three dimensional imagery
  • Considers the competition to subtly address and overcome any barriers
  • Channels enquiry directly to the best person available to respond
  • Utilises the power of the internet to identify the right audience and deliver the opportunity directly to them

Typically a marketing campaign rewards the ‘early birds’ with the best prices, package deals and selections, tools used to achieve a minimum number of ‘presales’ required for construction finance. Later in the project and closer to completion, we assist developers to reassess the market and achieve the best possible price.

To discuss your project’s requirements, don’t hesitate to book an appointment with our project marketing team using the form provided.

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